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I wish and try to success the dream of Computer education in all India. Through this Computer Literacy Programme, we ensure that our students learn more & more and become a dynamic human being. Our strong infrastructure, efficient,  energetic, dedicated and capable Faculty's urge the students to move forward.
Now a days Computers are used almost everywhere, So Computer education is the process of learning or teaching about this Electronic Machine. It also includes the basic knowledge of computer system, skills, ideas, and the basic terminologies related to the computer system. The potential of Computer system how a Computer can used to solve different problems, day by day in life or how can a Computer be programmed to solve the extreme problem. Computer education along with Spoken English has become an integral part of the twenty- first century. It has gained a lot of importance are used in todays life. Today, computers are used almost every field. Therefore, it has become necessary to learn about Computers.
AK Infotech National Youth Centre is a best Institute based on which students will get huge opportunity about Computer, Spoken English & Personality Development education in proper way.